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Johan Hovelynck

Johan Hovelynck

Mainly involved in ropes rescue training and coordinator of Exponent's rope evacuation programs. Also contact person for consulting on program safety management.

- Studied Organizational Psychology (KUL) and Adult Education (VUB); trained in Group Counseling (IVC) and Safety Advice (HIVA).

- Active as trainer and program coordinator in outdoor training and education since 1986. Beside his work for Exponent a self-employed organization consultant and part-time lecturer at the Leuven University.

- Known among professionals internationally for his publications and presentations on experiential learning and process facilitation (Association for Experiential Education, Erleben & Lernen, European Ropes Course Association...). Combines his background in this domain with a widely recognized expertise in vertical ropework and program safety.

- Spends his leisure time rock climbing, caving and canyoning. Rainy days are an opportunity to play the guitar...


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